Alquari is often visited by Leonin, being the closest (both locationally and literally) thing that the distant Leonin have to R&R. The Triton seeing this began to convert their home to a wondrous Tourist Trap, filled with many shops and fancy restaurants.

They've also imposed an interesting caste system on the Tortle people of the land, teaching them that they are beneath them. In order for a Tortle to legally give birth, they must take out an impossibly large birth-right loan. These loans will pass down to the children as The Tortles die ensuring that they always stay in debt to the Triton.

Following this, there is an underground rebel Tortle group that intends to overthrow the Triton royalty and restore themselves as the rulers of Alquari, believing that in the past they were the original rulers before the Triton came. They intend to do this by creating mass amounts of laced spice, of which they are immune. They've been blessing the spice via their elite Tortle Druids to make them non-poisonous for now, in an attempt to get the spice in as wide a circulation as possible within the Triton Government before they use the Sacred Flute to remove all effects of magic in Alquari, causing the spice to instantly become fatal to those who have ingested it. This flute is kept in compartment 0340 within the vault, guarded by an Aboleth, as it's believed that this magical item was what actually was used to sink Alquari in the first place.

Within the palace lies a secret order, consisting of the second tier Triton royalty, lusting for more and resentful of the King and his inner order have begun a practice of stealing random Tortles off the street, knowing that this wouldn't be noticed by upper royalty, and the Tortles below wouldn't speak up, in order to consume their flesh. Their cannibalistic tendencies will come in later when, having consumed the flesh of those immune to the spice, will give them immunity, allowing them to live past the massacre.

The Vedalken Siege

While in talks with the Triton, over twenty Vedalken diplomats have mysteriously died triggering an immediate reaction from The Vedalkens. They are now here to take land, resources, and the many valuable items hidden with The Vault, such as the Sacred Flute, because canceling magic items en masse can only be helpful for their overall plans. Their battle plan is going to be laid out in more detail below.


The Cannibals

Following the death of the higher royalty this secret group sees the opportunity to take control, but first they have to deal with the imposing Vedalken threat. Their first order is to head to the Guardian Chamber and begin powering Pumpkin.

The Ironclast

Having spent quite a pretty penny on this place, Leo Ironclast and his family are not going to hand it over very easily. They will fight on the ground and attempt to disrupt the use of the resource stealing machines.

Their stats can be found below.

The Tortles

Having just overthrown the Triton Government, they are not going to give up this land very easily. The rebel alliance has four Tortle Druids to attempt to protect the land, as well as around 50 Tortles who are ready to fight and help.


The BIGASS beast of a water elemental that is here to protect the loyal citizens of Alquari. It takes the form of an anthropomorphic cat and stands at 393 feet tall It is formed from the Ocean and will cause serious damage. As long as someone is holding the Staff of Pumpkin, he will not falter in his protection of the city.

The Players

And of course, the players. Let's see them fuck shit up.


Mystical Entrance

A barrier setup to prevent those without The Pumpkin's Blessing to continue forward.

Completely invisible before being blessed, but afterwards, the water changes hue and appears almost invisible.

This door can be forcibly penetrated after taking 40 magic damage.


This minimall holds many different shops catering to the most posh of tourists. All of the stores are owned by Tritons, and staffed by Tortles. One of the most notable stores is one where a Triton craftsman can produce magical items for an exquisite price.


This store specializes in Leonin sized suits, although for extra cash suits can be tailor-made to the customer.

Wooden Staffs

Although magical items may be quite the rarity, and many of the people who visit Alquari can afford to have a magical item crafted, many don't see it as they'll just be confiscated as soon as they leave the city.


All of these restaurants are exceedingly expensive, and require a reservation to enter. Many famous families will be occupying these restaurants at any given time.

The Golden Lion

This restaurant is the most exclusive, being made entirely out of marble and gold It was built as a gift for the Ironclast family, wealthy benefactors of the Triton Government.


The majority of this museum is stocked with arts, paintings and statues from many different civilizations. Relegated to a small portion in the back is the history of Alquari. It contains multiple artifacts from before and a large mural depicting

The Pumpkin protector, and the sinking of Alquari.

Food Court

For the less wealthy tourist, multiple hot-dog style carts with picnic benches, perfect for taking the Lion family on a well deserved vacation.

Royal Palace

The home of the noble Triton Government, this place houses multiple important landmarks.

The War Room

Where visitors may come to take a peek at the inner workers of the diplomatic dealings of Alquari. Closed when actual meetings occur, which is rare.

The Vault

War relics, stolen property, and donated gifts from far off kingdoms, this is where the Tritons like to store their excess magic items. Visible through a large glass window. This window is actually a water elemental listed below.

The Guardian Chamber

This is where the chosen Elders use The Pumpkin Staff to give power and strength to The Pumpkin.

The Fridges

Behind a bar in the ballroom, this is where the food for the palace is stored. Towards the back is a room delegated for stolen Spice, as well as a bloody door containing many missing Tortle bodies.

Schooling Complex

Where the Tritons and loan-paid-off Tortles (that don't exist) go to for their education. Unlike other Royal Governments, positions aren't inherited and instead people choose positions as careers. Here young Tritons can begin taking political classes and start working towards royalty.

Urban Area

Where the Tritons and loan-paid-off Tortles (that once again, don't exist) that aren't royal live.

Industrial Complex

Where Tortles work to pay off their birth-right loans. They produce food and many times used to sell it at the minimum for tourists visiting Alquari.

Abandonded Industrial Complex

Now defunct due to an explosion unknown source, this is where rebel Tortles come to produce their Spice.

Tortle Slums

The Tortles who still have to pay off their loans live here in disgusting, dingy conditions.

The Vedalken Battle Plan

Resource Machines

The Vedalkens, wanting to collect as many resources as possible, will place their machines at either side of the mystical entrance, once the door has penetrated. This will place the machines right on the shore, where they can suck deep into the ocean sediment, and drain from the city of Alquari.

The Tourists

Wanting to limit as many casualties as possible the first wave of Vedalkens to move in past The Mystical Door will be tasked with making during an innocent bystanders are to be kept safely out of way of the siege, either by removing them through the front door, or by keeping them in the business on the front boardwalk.

The Heist

The next wave of Vedalken's goal is to breach the Royal Palace's vault, thinking it'll be easy as they don't realize that the window into the vault is a creature and not just glass.

The Triton Royalty

Knowing that Alquari has no formal army, the next goal will be to dispose of the Triton's in charge, either through force or by getting them to surrender. Unbeknownst to them however, almost every Triton is dead except for the Cannibals who will be held up in The Guardian Chamber.

The Ground Troops

Following each wave of The Vedalkens will be more troops to stay on the ground and preventing any fighting coming towards them, either from non-royal Tritons or Tortle.


All brought down the river, then grown to match the size of Pumpkin. The Vedalkens are going to have difficulty however as they are not aware of The Pumpkin Staff, and how it gives strength to Pumpkin.