Welcome to Oscana, the world without Stars, this guide is here to help you create your characters, below it lists every race, sub-race, class, and subclass that is allowed in this world. There are also extra things that each character has involving their birthdays, and backgrounds. Have fun, and if need, you can always ask me about anything you don’t understand.

Background Every Character Knows

The continent of Oscana is a dreary place. Muted colors, very little going on in the world. The world is high fantasy, with a taste of Eberron, mostly in the later portion after the first few sessions, and for the most part, the settlements are small and keep to themselves.

The world has no stars in the sky, not even a sun, being lit up by one of the planet's six close moons. There are only legends of a time when the sky was full, but nobody remembers and there are no proper records of this. These moons however are very powerful, being full of magic and lighting up the world in a way such as a sun would.

1000 years ago a terrible war broke out and ended quickly. Some weapon of mass destruction was used, and it permanently affected the land. No one remembers exactly how it happened, or what life was like before, all we have now is the world as it is, and the need to pick it up again and look forward to the future.

Oscana is made up of 5 sections, Jennie, Aquila, Sharkfin, Hyperbius, and Ophiuchi Cloud Island. For the most part, Aquila is destroyed, save for a small cove at its most northern point, and a small dwelling off to the West.

Jennie was mostly destroyed but to a lesser degree. While very little people live there, it is still a treasure trove of old-world oddities and landmarks. It is known to be sufficiently dangerous though.

Hyperbius and Sharkfin make up one landmass, with Hyperbius being the top, uninhabitable no-man's land. Strange creatures are said to live there, and it's both toxic and dangerous. Sharkfin on the other hand is relatively unscathed and is where the majority of people live now. It's mostly forest and grass, and cave systems, but contains some more complex towns and a few schools.

Ophiuchi Cloud Island is far more well off, being only slighted affected by the war. This is where, for example, Tieflings live as well as Loxodon and Minotaur. There's not much here but it does have many small towns and places to learn witchcraft. There are also rumors that this place holds the entrance to the Underdark.

Character Creation

Essentially every official DnD character race, subrace, class, and subclass are available to use. The only exception to this is the Simic Hybrid, and the Vedalken because there's really no need for them. Unless you think there is, in which case just talk to me.

Allowed UA

I'm super lenient, so if you bring me a UA I'd be willing to consider it, but for now, I already have a few UA that are preapproved for use:

*Both of these are going to be slightly modified, as there is no "internet" in a high fantasy world


In the land of Oscana, there are many ways to achieve divinity, raw power, cultivation of followers, etc. Beyond that, below are the mainstay gods, the ones that have not fallen via one mean or another. Each one encompasses one aspect of life.

Depending on their planar domain, some of the gods are considered to be "Demon Lords", and are regarded in a more "Satanic" viewpoint in the material world for worship, yet they still have strong followings and temples. Only one "mainstay" God is considered to be a "Demon Lord".

Psyche, Mistress of SpaceLGNature, TempestPlanet with Ring
Himero, God of DesiresLNKnowledge, LoveGrapes
Selûne, Goddess of RealityLETwilight, UnityMask
Amaunator, God of the SoulNGLight, TwilightMirror
Death, Keeper of ExistenceTNDeath, LifeSkull with Hand Grasping It
Lolth, Queen of Order*NEOrder, TrickerySpider
Dr. Doodad, Keeper of TimeCGGrave, KnowledgeTime Glass
Hephaestus, God of The ElementsCNArcana, ForgeHalf Fire and a Snowflake

*Demon Lord


Surrounding the planet Oscana are six moons, and six moons alone. When people are born under one of the moon's they manifest a form of birthmark, dazzling and colorful, named "Moonscars". They present the host with powerful abilities, according to which moon they were born under, during which month. Below are the 12 marks, named after the 12 months of which they come from.


Each scar looks like one of the following constellations. It looks like a constellation, these constellations do not actually exist.

EleasisBow and ArrowYellow

To determine where you'd like your scar you can either just make it up, or just roll on this d6 table:

1Side of face
2Running up arm
5Running down leg

Variant Rules